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A notice to those who have been making many, many comments on my previous post, on which comments have now been disabled. To those who have not done what is described here, you are exempt.

I can't change the way any one thinks here, and I'm not gonna try to. I'm gonna try to turn off comments, I think, from here on out. Not an act of censorship, no hostility, no belittling. But I'm not exactly happy about he consistent prying into what I consider my social and personal interactive behaviours and business, but what are you gonna do. It's the fucking internet, so I don't quite know what I expected. I feel obligated to say that this is not a personal forum, never has been. I've never given anything personal to the masses aside from a little about myself and a few moments in the past. But I have always done so with ambiguity and caution. So I intend to keep it that way, and protect my interests. Henceforth, any personal PMs consisting of anything but business will be ignored (seems contradictory to the term 'PM', but oh well). I'm sorry, I didn't want it that way, but it had to be. You see, I don't need to placate anyone by dishing things out that I do not want to. Seems harsh, but maybe if you'd put yourself in my shoes for a second; You know a bunch of new people showing up - none I've ever encountered before and know nothing about - and insisting on knowing, or seeing, public displays of personal information. A little bit unsavoury, no? Of course, I only think the way I think and some might disagree. But I don't really care. If I'm not mistaken, you've come for the music I post, not my inner thoughts and workings. How I act is my own thing, it shouldn't and doesn't require an explanation. The fact that I've given them to this point is an effort in extending some courtesy, but it doesn't really seem to yield much. 

There isn't even a tick of anger, nor hostility going on in my head right now. So if you think these are the ravings of a moderately disgruntled gentleman, then you'd be wrong there. All my efforts to portray the contents of the previous paragraph, don't seem to have come up with any cohesive results. It is because of the aforementioned that I have chosen to do what I have. After all, it's completely within my right and my control to do so. Again, maybe put yourself in my place and you'd understand a little where I am coming from.

P.S. (Since I will probably see PMs anyway):

There's no point, I'll read them until I see anything I consider too personal, intrusive, or anything like that. Following which, I will close it immediately and that will be that. If I recieve many PMs, containing the same things, I will be forced to block the sender. I hate blocking people, and I never do so with haste or reckless abandon. But I will be forced to, seeing as I feel I've made myself very clear. Worst comes to worst, I'll have to delete the account and that'll be the end of that. I love making music. But I don't have to share it here, or online at all. So it won't hurt me to remove something like this account. Hopefully I won't have to, but you never know.


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